Review from a self-professed fairy tale expert – Liza Martz

Hello dear,

I am SO sorry it’s taken me this long to respond. I kept waiting for a time when my life was uninterrupted and today was it. And I’m so glad I waited so I could read the whole thing in one fell swoop. The proof of what a good story is, my doggies were requesting many outside and inside trips and I was getting irritated that they were interrupting my reading.

The Glen is such a wonderfully magical place. And the various characters have such distinct personalities that make each of them individual. The writing is simply the best. As  you know I am a big fan of magical places in stories and you have nailed it, my dear, and brought the Faerie Glen alive.

Your style reminds me of two of my all time favorites, E. Nesbit and Eva Ibbotson. I can read their stuff over and over and it always sweeps me away. And The Faerie Glen is in that same league.

Now, I do have to admit to being puzzled at the end when the Beatles Boys show up. I had gotten the impression they were kind of tough guy thugs and that their return would not be cause for celebration. But I couldn’t tell if they were welcome or if everyone had a feeling of, “Oh no, here they come and wreck everything.”

BTW, I am in love with the worms. They are hilarious little pranksters and totally crack me up!!!! Mr. Grumpy Pants reminds me of my maternal grandfather except he would never have come around to seeing things any other way but his own. I’m glad Mr. G. got to test out the new fangled stuff and see the benefits.

I can go on for days about how lovely this is, it is just wonderful. I’m sorry to gush but it is needed here. Thank you so much for allowing me to read it. And I sure hope it gets published by a major publisher, Peter the Publisher????, haha! and I can buy my own hard copy here in the USofA!

Very nicely done!!!  xoxoxoxoxo

Liza Martz

Liza lives in the USA – and it was great to see that she enjoyed the book – South Africanisms and all!  Thanks for such fabulous feedback my friend.

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