Winona’s Whistle

To celebrate Winona’s Whistle (book #3 in the Imaginaeries Series), Ginny has teamed up with Viveca Jewellery and the fabulous one-of-a-kind, handcrafted necklace on the cover of the book is up for grabs in a worldwide competition! Enter now

Winona Wurm is still reeling after discovering that her precious worms are not what they seemed when the Beetle Boys descend upon the Glen.
Bradley Beetle gets too close to the Stag and pays the price.
Does Stag-Lee, the Boss of the Beetle Boys, have his eye on Mor-a-Bella? Or is it the other way around?
Meanwhile, the Stag is having his own serious problems.
Can Winona save everybody 

Blurb from the back of Winona’s Whistle.

Winona’s Whistle, Book #3 in the Imaginaeries Series is available on both Smashwords and Amazon.

She clutched her lucky pendant and closed her eyes, trying to figure out what to do. The way she saw it, she had two options: the first was to wait and see if Mor-a-Bella thwacked the stone further than Stag-Lee. She supposed that would be first prize because then she’d be helping the beetle legally, and could do a follow-up if necessary.

The second option was to figure out what was going on right at that moment and see if she could help.

She touched her pendant again, remembering her crazy, yet also wise, friend Hess-Mari who had given it to her. They’d managed to get themselves into several sticky situations at Universe-City, but Hess had always come up with a practical idea which had somehow saved their skins. Winona wondered where in the world Hess-Mari was? She hadn’t seen her for aeons. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts and concentrate on the current situation.

Winona Wurm

By the way – if you’d like to get your hands, ears and neck on some of this delightful jewellery anyway, please pop along to Viveca’s Instagram or Facebook page and see all the lovely goodies that Hesmari has to offer…

Launch of “The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen” on 25th November 2017 @14h00

The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen will be launched in the very same nature reserve where this story is set!

On Saturday 25th November, between 2 and 4 pm you are invited to come and spend some time in the Glen and imagine your own fairies.

Or try your hand at hula-hooping and see if you are as good as Ivy Lion. (No – this is not only for kids – adults are welcome to try too!)

Go on a fairy walk and see if you can spot some magical stripey beasts, or maybe one of the other furry critters that lurk in the bushes. You might even see Frederique…

Hmmm…. You are wondering who Frederique is, aren’t you? You’ll have to come to the launch and buy the book or ask the author.  Or you could buy the eBook on Amazon now already if you can’t wait that long to find out.

There will be other magical fun stuff too.

Normal Faerie Glen Nature Reserve rates apply: Pre- schoolers are free; R6 (children 6-12y); R6 (pensioners); R11 (adults 13 – 60y).  A portion of the sales on the books will also be donated to the Friends of Faerie Glen Nature Reserve.

Pre-Order your own signed copy NOW!

It gets even better – everybody who either buys a book on the day or pre-orders a copy of The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen goes into a lucky draw and stands a chance to win this adorable little Ribbets Ridge fairy house to start your own fairy garden. (Kindly sponsored by Fairy Wonderland Suppliers.) Special launch price is R100 and they will all be signed too. The real books have delightful illustrations – although we’d prefer it if you imagined your own fairies! They will make gorgeous Christmas presents.

It’s really easy to pre-order – just click on the link.


Want to write a review?

But that’s not all… if perhaps you have already read The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen – and you’d like to write a review (either on Amazon or email it to Ginny and she’ll post it as a blog) you’ll go into the lucky draw and stand a chance to win this particular one of Igz special one-of-a-kind Imaginaerie dolls by the name of Poppy Mars.  (Igz, the illustrator, is not only an artist on paper but is also fabulous when it comes to creating other wonderful things too.)



Want to know more about what’s in the book…

Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life in the Glen, the Imaginaeries are also getting ready for The Ball – a glittery event that takes place at the first new moon after the leaves have fallen. But will PESCOM come to the party?

Ivy Lion makes Gogo Gaia very angry when she experiments with colour and Winona Wurm’s mischievous pets are given the ultimate warning at the Moonlight Meeting. Marigold discovers that not everybody is sunshine-flavoured. Madame Shews, the snooty French shoe designer is up to something for sure and the Bollywoggles are keeping an eye on her. Mor-a-Bella escaped from a cabbage bog but is life going to be any better in the Glen? Will Pete the Publisher ever perfect his environmentally friendly newspaper? Can Granny Catty convince Mr Grumpy Pants to stop being a hermit and accompany her to The Ball?

Meanwhile things keep disappearing… could there be a thief in the Glen?

The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen is a whimsical fairy story set in a real nature reserve in Pretoria, South Africa.

Feel free to contact Ginny if you want any more information.  Remember you can like The Imaginaeries on Facebook too!

Origami Fairy Lanterns by Suzelle

The Imaginaeries are uniquely South African… what with the interwebs, PESCOM, hooligan taxis and Faerie Glen Nature Reserve.

So is Suzelle.

Suzelle is a national asset and makes these DIY videos which are not only hysterical, but actually very useful and informative too. She is beyond fabulous, very funny and incredibly well loved.

You really do have to see her to believe her.

She not only makes DIY videos by herself and with her assistant “Marianne”, but she often involves various celebrities in her projects and mercilessly rips them off in her typical Suzelle fashion.

I adore her videos and frequently waste lots of time giggling and snorting into my laptop watching and re-watching when I should be working. Igz, the illustrator (if she ever actually finishes them – f*k!) does the most marvelous impersonation of Suzelle’s distinctive accent and wit.

Go on – spoil yourself for half and hour or so – watch and learn!

Anyway – I remembered Suzelle made a video last year on making origami fairy lights together with White on Rice (a brand centered around the ancient Japanese art of origami) and wanted to share it with you – seeing as this website is all about fairies and imagination.

If you make some of these fairy lights – please post pics on the Imaginaeires facebook site. There will be an signed (by me, sadly, not by Suzelle!!) hard copy of The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen as a prize for the most imaginative lights – in time for Christmas.

Materials needed:  Fairy lights, coloured paper, washy tape, your hands!



Win with the Imaginaeries!

We are currently running a competition on Facebook. It is really easy to enter!

Madame Shews always has something up her sleeve. But so do we.

Fancy your own special Imaginaeries mug designed by sketch extraordinaire Igz Stone?

Well here’s your chance to win that special mug and a set of 3 Metallic Sharpies.

To enter:
1. Post a photo of your coolest sneakers in the comments below.
2. Share the post on your timeline.
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4. Photo with the *MOST* likes wins!!!!!

Terms & Conditions:
1. All entrants must like the Imaginaeries Facebook page.
2. Friends liking entrants photos must also have liked the Imaginaeries Facebook page.
3. Competition is open to participants worldwide. Prize for non-South African residents will be a specially designed Imaginaeries water bottle.

Competition closes on the 30th October 2017.