Could this be Big Bush Willow?

In our faerie storybook, The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen, PESCOM gets mentioned.

For those who do not live in South Africa, this is a rip-off of ESKOM – our only electricity supplier that is much ridiculed and scoffed at for various reasons… high tariffs, bad management, frequent power failures, scheduled power outages due to failing equipment, top management getting bonuses when the company is pleading poverty etc etc.

Every time there is a hike in the  price of electricity everybody groans.

But – unless you go off-grid and have your own solar power equipment and generator  – one simply does not have any option but to depend on ESKOM.

PESCOM in the book refers to the Pesky Firefly Company that supplies light to the Imaginaeries in Faerie Glen whenever they have a function.

This morning, when I logged onto my favourite blogging site – Niume – I happened to come across a poem called “FireFly” by Invisible Ink. I was reminded that fireflies are indeed lovely flickering creatures of the night and not that pesky at all!

You’ll have to read the book to find out more!