Anyone for Dandelion Tea?

In the “Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen”, dandelion tea gets mentioned quite often. Whilst this is obviously just part of the story, in reality dandelion tea is really incredibly healthy.

According to Tom Linden’s blog …

“Dandelion root coffee is actually a tea made from the roasted roots of dandelion plants (Taraxacum officinale).

It is commonly referred to as “coffee” because it brews into a dark-coloured liquid that appears much like coffee. However, it does not contain caffeine and is not related to the coffee plant.

The taste of dandelion coffee has been compared to a combination of real coffee, chocolate and caramel. Some people say it has a bitter taste, but this can be improved by adding natural sweeteners.

Dandelion coffee is sometimes used for weight loss, as a diuretic or laxative and as a digestive aid.”

Read Tom’s blog Dandelion Root Coffee to find out how exactly to make dandelion tea and to see what other health benefits it has.

It’s actually awesome stuff.