Simba the Lion

In our book “The Imaginaeries from Faerie Glen” Granny Catty keeps her cat nip in an old Simba chips packet. Her crazy “cats” love to pretend that they are big and tough like the lion on the packet!

Simba Chips have been a South African favourite since 1957. Of course, this is peanuts in faerie time, but for humans it is not too shabby. If you want to know more about Simba Chips Рvisit their company history page.

For those who are not South Africans, and don’t have a clue what a Simba chips packet looks like – this is for you.

By the way – this is a great flavour of chips… but back when I was at boarding school – a million years ago – the absolute best treat ever was smoked beef chips with chunky cottage cheese! That combination turned many a grey day into a bright sunny one! In fact, it is still a delicious treat! My roomie then – and long time friend – Marlene aka MAD – used to eat smoked beef chips with guava¬†yogurt! (We both thought that each others combinations were seriously disgusting.)