Origami Fairy Lanterns by Suzelle

The Imaginaeries are uniquely South African… what with the interwebs, PESCOM, hooligan taxis and Faerie Glen Nature Reserve.

So is Suzelle.

Suzelle is a national asset and makes these DIY videos which are not only hysterical, but actually very useful and informative too. She is beyond fabulous, very funny and incredibly well loved.

You really do have to see her to believe her.

She not only makes DIY videos by herself and with her assistant “Marianne”, but she often involves various celebrities in her projects and mercilessly rips them off in her typical Suzelle fashion.

I adore her videos and frequently waste lots of time giggling and snorting into my laptop watching and re-watching when I should be working. Igz, the illustrator (if she ever actually finishes them – f*k!) does the most marvelous impersonation of Suzelle’s distinctive accent and wit.

Go on – spoil yourself for half and hour or so – watch and learn!

Anyway – I remembered Suzelle made a video last year on making origami fairy lights together with White on Rice (a brand centered around the ancient Japanese art of origami) and wanted to share it with you – seeing as this website is all about fairies and imagination.

If you make some of these fairy lights – please post pics on the Imaginaeires facebook site. There will be an signed (by me, sadly, not by Suzelle!!) hard copy of The Imaginaeries of Faerie Glen as a prize for the most imaginative lights – in time for Christmas.

Materials needed:  Fairy lights, coloured paper, washy tape, your hands!